“Cerebellar Cells Derived From Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in 3D Culture Generated From ARSACS Patients As Faithful Disease Model”- Dr.Slaven Erceg

In Research in 2016 by ARSACS

Objective 1. To generate in vitro disease model by creating ARSACS disease- specific cerebellar cells via iPSC from patients and healthy individuals as controls which will serve as a tool to depict disease-specific molecular markers.

Objective 2. The comparative functional analysis between control and patient derived cerebellar cells (Purkinje and granule cells) will include molecular, cellular studies focused on detection of cerebellar specific markers through the differentiation and cerebellar electrophysiological recordings

Duration: one year
Grant: $100,000

Dr.Slaven Erceg

Dr.Slaven Erceg

Dr.Slaven Erceg, Head of Stem Cell Therapies in Neurodegenerative Diseases
Research C enter “Principe Felipe”, Valencia (Spain)
Email: serceg@cipf.es

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