Elucidating Mechanisms Underlying Motor Coordination Rescue in a Mouse Model of ARSACS – Dr. Alanna Watt

In Research in 2019 by ARSACS

Aim 1 Identifying druggable Targets for potential ARSACS treatment

Aim 2 Characterize pathophysiology for future druggable target development

Duration : 2nd year of the funded project
Grant: $75,000

Dr. Alanna Watt

Dr. Alanna Watt,Department of Biology McGill University Bellini Life Sciences Bldg.
3469 Sir William Osler, Montreal, Quebec Canada H3G 0B1 Office: Rm. 265 | Lab: Rm. 257
Tel: (514)-398-2806; Fax: (514)-398-5069; Email: alanna.watt@mcgill.ca

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