“High-throughput strategy to identify large domains of Sacsin” – Dr Kalle Gehring

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We propose two aims: systematic deletion analysis to identify domain boundaries within SIRPR1 and random mutagenesis to optimize proteins for crystallization. The information about sacsin protein domains will be used to advance the structural studies funded under the ARSACS Foundation/ CIHR New Emerging Team Grant.

Duration: one year
Grant: $98,280

Dr Kalle Gehring

Dr Kalle Gehring

Dr. Kalle Gehring, Professor Department of Biochemistry MCGill University
Francesco Bellini Life Sciences Building, 3649 promenade Sir-William-Osler, Office: Room 469; Lab: Room 473, Montreal, Quebec H3G 0B1
Tel:(514)-398-7287; Lab: (514)-398-2873/1496; Fax:(514)-398-2983; Email: kalle.gehring@mcgill.ca

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