Investigating the Link Between Impaired Mitochondrial and Calcium Dysregulation in SACS/Purkinje Neurons – Dr. Francesca Maltecca

In Research in 2016 by ARSACS

The research project has three specific objectives: to test the distribution of mitochondria in distal dendritic branches of Sacs primary PCs; to evaluate dysregulation of Ca2+ homeostasis in Sacs mice and finally to test the efficacy of targeted therapy in Sacs mice.

Duration: Second year of a two year project
Grant: $100,000

Dr. Francesca Maltecca

Dr. Francesca Maltecca

Dr. Francesca Maltecca, Phd, Neurogenomics Unit(4A2)
San Raffaele Scientific Institute,Via Olgettina,58,20132 Milan, Italy
Tel:39 022643.9116; 022643.4777; Email:

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