Unbiased Sacsin Client Identification and Genetic Intervention in a Mouse Model of ARSACS- Dr. Stephen Strack

In Research in 2018 by ARSACS

This research project utilizes Sacs KO mice to answer two fundamental questions:
1) Can we leverage recent advances in quantitative proteomics to uncover early biomarkers and perhaps drivers of ARSACS pathology in the cerebellum?
2) Can genetic modulation of the mitochondrial fission/fusion equilibrium counteract cerebellar symptoms and PC degeneration? Results from this research are expected to advance our understanding of ARSACS disease mechanisms and point to avenues for therapeutic intervention.

Duration: one year
Grant: $50,000

Contact :

Dr. Stefan Strack

Dr. Stefan Strack

Dr.Stefan Strack, Professor of Pharmacology University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
2-452 BSB, 51 Newton Rd. Iowa City, IA 52242
Tel:(office/lab): (319)384-44[39/47]; Fax: (319) 335-8930

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